We are working on bringing healthy raw vegan food products to more people.

We 've always wanted to work with what we believe in, what we are professional at and what we love. Our commitment to a healthy lifestyle and the environment, as well as our passion for desserts, have actually marked our professional path.

In 2017, we founded our company, Raw Foods Ltd., based in Solymár. We started making raw vegan desserts, on one hand from the personal motivation already mentioned above. On the other hand, we have seen that although there is a market demand for healthy desserts, it is difficult to get quality and delicious products.

Our cakes under the Lavita brand name, are desserts made with modern technology. Our products are made without the addition of gluten, milk, eggs, additives, preservatives or refined sugar. After their preparation, we immediately freeze them, so Raw Foods Ltd. is the only company in Hungary that produces frozen, raw vegan sweets. We currently have more than 150 partners in Hungary and Austria, who following the gastronomic trends and the needs of their guests, also offers Lavita desserts.

With the help of our partners, we would like to make it possible that anyone who is health-conscious, open for novelties, or possibly has food-sensitivity, can have an easy access to healthy dessert alternatives.

Our values

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Raw Vegan

Specialized in raw vegan products, which are carefully produced below 42 degrees Celsius to preserve essential vitamins and enzymes.

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To meet the demanding requirements of a health-conscious and diverse diet, we ensure that our entire product range is free from gluten, lactose, and eggs.

Excellence in every bite

Our recipes have been perfected through extensive testing, allowing us to guarantee consistently high quality in taste and presentation.

Premium ingredients

We believe that healthy food can only be created from high-quality, fresh ingredients. That's why we not only carefully select our natural plant-based components but also strive to source organic and local products from regional suppliers.

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Food safety

Food safety is our top priority, which is why our processes have been designed in accordance with the requirements of the IFS (International Food Standard).

Handcrafted product

Each of our cakes is meticulously handcrafted by skilled pastry chefs with passion and dedication. Together with them, we have developed an exciting range of raw vegan, gluten-free cakes that meet today's tastes and expectations.


Our products are shock-frosted immediately after production, allowing for a shelf life of up to six months. This ensures freshness and minimizes potential losses.

Free training for your employees

We provide training to your employees on how to serve our cakes to make them look impressive for any occasion. Additionally, we offer a brief training on the most frequently asked questions regarding our desserts.

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Free marketing materials

For resellers and wholesalers, we provide free marketing materials, including price lists and social media content, to make it easier for them to incorporate and promote our healthy desserts in their offerings.


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Sustainable business

As the producer of the Lavita desserts, Raw Foods Ltd. has received the title of the Trusted Enterprise. The concept of Trusted Enterprise was created by Bridge Budapest, the CEU Business School, and Transparency International Hungary. Their aim is to give companies the opportunity to check themselves in the fields of reliability, transparency and conscious operation. We do not only want to produce excellent products but also want to be part of a conscious business environment.

Lavita raw vegan cakes

Offer your guests Lavita's raw vegan cakes as well!

Private Label products

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