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Lavita’s dessert product line is extended with new flavours.

September 11, 2018

Two new vegan cakes and an old-new brownie are now being added to our hand-crafted Lavita dessert lineup.

Our vegan blueberry cheesecake is a light, fruity dessert, in which the sweet taste of coconut milk and the blueberries complement each other perfectly. The other novelty, the Vegan cappuccino cake, will not only be the favourite of coffee lovers. The exciting flavour of our dessert is due to the cold brew coffee speciality made from Columbian arabica coffee. The cashew adds silkiness, the dried dates add some sweet taste to this cake. In addition to the two new cakes, an old favourite also appears, the vegan orange brownie. We have improved the recipe of our popular cake and now it is even softer and moister than before. We hope that the new members of our dessert family will be as popular as the others already are.

The Lavita desserts can be found in more than 50 places in Budapest and in its immediate vicinity and also at Lake Balaton. More information on the Lavita products can be found on

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